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Active Citizen - Efficient State

General Information

Funding entity Slovak Aid
Recipient Country Ukraine
Implementing Organization Centrum pre európsku politku
Implementing Organization Code Donor country-based NGO
Geo Location Zaporozhe, UA
  Longitude 35.56667
  Latitude 47.51667
Start of Commitment 2017-10-11
End of Commitment 2019-06-28
Currency EUR
Status OECD reported


The National Strategy for Promoting the Development of Civil Society in Ukraine 2016-2020 indicates the insufficient development of civil society as one of the main problems of present-day Ukraine. It notes a low level of awareness of the importance of civil society for the effective functioning of a democratic rule of law. In a liberal democracy, where the source of state power is the citizen, it is imperative that citizens conduct a constant dialogue with the public authorities and participate in the formation of public policies. The lack of civic engagement causes low efficiency in the performance of state administration, whose representatives perceive their role from the ruler’s perspective rather than as a citizen's servant. One of the effective ways to change this state of affairs is quality civic education of young people with goals not only in the field of knowledge, but also in the field of attitudes and practical activities. According to the analytical document Democracy and Human Rights at School (2016), pupils say that instead of actually participating in the life of the community and their schools, they become participants in the so-called "pretending" ("playing" to participate but not actually participating). Thus, the social experience of youth is not formed by interaction with public authorities. This project is submitted by the Centre for European Policy (CEP). CEP has developed an educational module in the Slovak Republic that helps pupils to define problems of the local community and to propose solutions in form of projects (public policy proposals) to address them. We will adapt this proven know-how together with our Ukrainian partner so that it can contribute to the upbringing of young active citizens in the conditions of Ukrainian society, thus contribute to solving the problems mentioned above - weak civil society development, low efficiency of public administration, inefficient civic education of youth. 1. Through our training seminars, we will help young people aged 15-18 develop high-quality public policy-making projects to help them address the local community problems they have defined. 2. Through educational seminars and partnerships with student activists, we help youth workers (teachers, civic activists) to acquire civic education methodology which is based on the formation of attitudes, the acquisition of the necessary skills and knowledge and, in particular, the contact with real world problems. 3. Through remote support and presentation seminars, we will help young and adult activists to truly submit their proposals to public authorities, and thus we encourage increased participation of civil society in public policy-making. 4. By supporting a pilot project in four regions of Ukraine, through an informative workshop for stakeholders from other regions of Ukraine and by utilizing video from the project, we will help to establish a partner NGO "SRS Uzhhorod" as a major player in civic education in Ukraine and thus participate in the creation of effective partnerships of civil and public sector.

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Reporting Year Commitments Amount Extended
2017 99 774 € 62 479 €
2019 0 € 20 277 €
Total 99 774 € 82 756 €

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Democratic participation and civil society 100.0 %


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Active Citizen - Efficient State 82 756 €
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