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Bilateral Aid

Volunteer 1 for Nairobi

General Information

Funding entity Slovak Aid
Recipient Country Kenya
Implementing Organization Vysoká škola zdravotníctva a sociálnej práce sv. Alžbety
Implementing Organization Code Donor country-based NGO
Geo Location Republic of Kenya, KE
  Longitude 38.0
  Latitude 1.0
Start of Commitment 2020-10-14
End of Commitment 2022-08-31
Currency EUR
Status OECD reported


Detailed description of volunteer activities: The first two months of adaptation to the environment. For the next two months the volunteer will work more independently and will also participate in the individual logistics activities of the project. The volunteer will become acquainted with and will participate in providing logistic and organizational services of the Slovak logistics center, which includes the provision and coordination of individual activities. Furthermore, the volunteer will participate in work with street children in rehabilitation centers for street children, where they will become acquainted with and participate in the principles of re-socialization. He / she will become acquainted with the activities in the petitioner's anti-malnutrition centers in Nairobi and will participate in their management. The volunteer will gain experience in local fundraising. Volunteering will be part of the promotion of Slovak Development Assistance in Kenya by meeting with foreign and local organizations operating in Kenya and getting potential partnerships. The volunteer will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of other non-governmental organizations in Kenya focused on social and health activities to exchange experiences from individual activities. The volunteer will participate in education and consultation for local social workers and logists through the transfer of knowledge and skills. Its activities will contribute to establishing long-term partnerships between organizations and communities and building institutional relations between Slovak entities. Activities will strengthen solidarity and provide innovative responses to emerging social challenges. The volunteer will participate in regular staff meetings, where he will participate in the analysis of individual activities and suggest possible improvements. The volunteer will carry out his activities in coordination with a social worker from Slovakia who works in Kenya. The main goal of the activities of a Slovak volunteer is to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in implementing specific project activities in a developing country. An important aspect is that the volunteer will operate in a multi-cultural space. The volunteer will update photos and information about children - remote adoption and project, which will be used to promote Slovak development aid. Volunteer stay will be profiled for participation: Project logistics, training of local social workers, multiculturalism, establishing long-term partnerships between communities, communication with local authorities, planning activities in one year An important part of the project will also be the post-return activities, where the volunteer will present to the Slovak public their experience in Kenya and the SLOVAK-AID volunteer program and participate in global education. It will participate in raising awareness and supporting the Slovak public in favor of development cooperation and humanitarian aid through the involvement of volunteers.

Commitments and Amount Extended (EUR)

Reporting Year Commitments Amount Extended
2020 9 800 € 0 €
Total 9 800 € 0 €

Sectors share

Sector name Share
Primary education 50.0 %
Basic health care 50.0 %


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Other filtered aid Amount extended
Volunteer 1 for Nairobi 0 €
Other filtered aid 746 382 628 €
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