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Information about OECD

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organisation. Its members are the world´s most developed economies. It is a major discussion forum of the 35 member states and over 100 additional countries that serves as a platform for specialist dialogue on issues such as sustainable economic growth, improvement of living standards, employment or the environment. The OECD also sets international standards for a wide range of sectors and policies ranging from agriculture, taxes or fight against corruption to the safety of chemicals. The OECD regularly produces studies and economic statistics of member states and key partner countries.

In terms of development cooperation, the OECD, through its Development Assistance Committee (DAC), inter alia, safeguards the implementation of the definition of official development assistance (ODA). It also collects statistical data on financial flows directed to developing countries. As DAC member, Slovakia is committed to regularly submit to the DAC OECD the country development financing data (including ODA data). The OECD subsequently publishes the statistics, thus contributing to monitoring of the fulfilment of commitments related to international development cooperation.

Slovak ODA data are recorded in the RIS.DEV information system. The system also serves for reporting on development flows to the OECD DAC. Data from the system (database) are publicly available on www.slovakdev.sk.