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Bilateral Aid

(Un)expected Story of Innovation in Rural Kenya

General Information

Funding entity Slovak Aid
Recipient Country Bilateral, unallocated
Implementing Organization Impact Games
Geo Location
Start of Commitment 2021-06-29
End of Commitment 2022-09-30
Currency EUR
Status OECD approved


Project Edugame: Girls Vs. Poverty: (Un)expected Story of Innovation in Rural Kenya focuses on raising awareness of Slovak development cooperation under the SlovakAid brand. For this purpose, a mobile digital game is being developed as part of its activities and an online campaign is being implemented on social networks. The project also uses the educational potential of mobile games and the game developed within its activities is used also for the purposes of global development education. With the help of the edu-package, the applicant distributes the game to schools together with the methodology and digital worksheet. The game, as an educational package thus represents a relatively effective and efficient tool of distance global education. In addition to activities related to public awareness and global development education, the applicant will focus on sharing good practice in the field of cooperation with partners from the private sector as well as in the creation and development of mobile software (games and applications). Good practice sharing activities aim to positively impact the global education ecosystem and lead it to follow trends in education and public awareness. The focus of the project, which is the mobile game Girls vs. Poverty, is directly based on the cross-cutting theme of gender equality. The project and its focus on digital tools circumvents the need to print paper products, thus being easy on the environment (link to the cross-cutting theme of climate change).

Commitments and Amount Extended (EUR)

Reporting Year Commitments Amount Extended
2021 29 916 € 23 933 €
Total 29 916 € 23 933 €

Sectors share

Sector name Share
Promotion of development awareness (non-sector allocable) 100.0 %


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Other filtered aid Amount extended
(Un)expected Story of Innovation in Rural Kenya 23 933 €
Other filtered aid 1 040 712 182 €
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